Finally some updated photos!

Wiggle Hill Elizabeth (1/2 sister to our lovely Carmen) Love her unique hornset and deep black color intensity.

Painted Rock Nellie is such a lovely girl.

Friday and her pretty ewe lamb, Eliza, grazing with the rest of the ewes.

Biue Ewe Lavender is my largest ewe and this single ram lamb is thriving. He’s a big healthy boy! I am hoping he has mom’s hornset.

Never Winter Hot Fudge is owned by Mary Tonkin. She will be leaving us soon and I will miss her. She is a very tame and sweet lamb.

Blue Ewe Fleur will be moving to Painted Rock Farm this month and her daughter, Adele, will replace her in my flock. I am glad that Fleur will have a wonderful breeding home with Cheryl and Mike Terrano.

This lovely ram is Never Winter Berkley. He will be moving to the North Country soon. His horns will rainbow and I think he is going to be a stunning herd sire.

Another of Berkley. He is very difficult to photograph. He does not want to look at me! Frustrating!

Chicory Lane Eli’s Friday and I have become VERY close. We love each other. Haha. I know that sounds funny, but it’s true. We have such a bond. She protects me from my dogs (which is hilarious.) I keep telling her that I am in no danger, but she doesn’t believe me! What a loyal soul she it! It’s THE BEST!

Another of Blue Ewe Lavender and her ram lamb, Cobalt. He is for sale, by the way.

Never Winter Lila will certainly have a home here if she does not find a good breeding home. Her white is brilliant and her black is so true. Fleece quality is the best of this season. Dam is Poppy and sire is Oxford. She should have a lovely wide hornset and is very sweet and docile.   She is for sale.

Isis.  Oh, mighty Isis!  Painted Rock Haven and Blue Ewe Merlin’s Zest produced this pretty ewe last year. She has lovely fleece with very dark color intensity.

Blue Ewe Liberty’s yearling ewe, Sapphire is so regal.

Spirit has been doing an amazing job raising triplets this season! I am certain that I should have weaned her lambs quite some time ago. But, she’s doing really well and so I’ve been too occupied to get the weaning underway. She produces amazing milk quantity and is just a wonderful ewe. She will get a year off, that’s certain. Very much deserved!

Sprinkles followed me to the pasture as usual. Vocal as usual.

Another of Lila. I am hoping to demonstrate the quality of her fleece with some extra photos for you all.


Lila’s fleece.

Sweet St. Jude’s Sophia.

Never Winter Haagen Dazs will stay here. He’s a great combination of lines for me to retain.

Blake’s favorite ewe of all time, Lady Baa Baa! She is annoyingly tame and has even nibbled on my bare leg to get my attention. We adore her, but she is more like a puppy than a sheep! Ha!

Never Winter Buttercup has 6 horns, so spacing is obviously not perfect. However, she is truly beautiful and has one of the nicest fleeces I’ve seen. I am super tempted to keep her (and still may.) But, my numbers are not where I need them, so I hope to find her a great breeding home. For Sale.

This boy has been a favorite of mine since birth! He is lovely in every way. Brazen is a triplet, black and white (lilac carrier) with two lilac siblings. Very long, flowing, crimpy, locky, open fleece that is soft. Ideal markings and lovely horns. For Sale.





10 Responses to “Finally some updated photos!”

  1. Great job, Shari. Lovely flock and nice lambs. I can’t wait to see who comes to show at SAFF. Lady Ba Ba I hope!

    • I know Blake would love to show Baa Baa. We have yet to halter train her and I’m not sure if her puppy personality will make it harder or easier!! She is such a fun ewe. Are you showing sheep this year, Laura?

  2. You have such lovely sheep Shari. I enjoy looking at your new and updated picutres.

  3. Yes, I noticed her beautiful eyes. I love everything about her and appreciate the fact that she is calm and friendly. Thanks again Shari.

  4. Beautiful … I am very inspired by your blog!
    Enid sevendsfarms.blogspot

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