Wiggle Hill Lorena (Rainy) X Blue Ewe Merlin’s Zest Babies…..

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Never Winter Zsa ZsaTwin Ewe to Gabor
Probably 2 horn?

Never Winter Zsa Zsa
Twin Ewe to Gabor
Probably 2 horn?


Never Winter Gabor
2 Horn Twin Ram to Zsa Zsa

Lambing time is here….. Introducing Never Winter Lady Baa Baa’s twins….

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Never Winter Lady Baa Baa Twins born 3/4/2013Darker twin, Ewe named Sabrina.  Lighter twin is Ram named Marston.

Never Winter Lady Baa Baa Twins born 3/4/2013
Darker twin, Ewe named Sabrina. Lighter twin is Ram named Marston.


Sabrina left and Marston on right.

Sabrina left and Marston on right.

Teeny newborns, but very vigorous.  Baa Baa twinned as a first timer.

Teeny newborns, but very vigorous. Baa Baa twinned as a first timer.


Never Winter SabrinaPainted Rock Oxford X Never Winter Lady Baa Baa.  Twin DOB 3/4/2013

Never Winter Sabrina
Painted Rock Oxford X Never Winter Lady Baa Baa. Twin  (4?) Horn DOB 3/4/2013

Never Winter Marston.Painted Rock Oxford X Never Winter Lady Baa Baa.  Twin Fused 4 Horn (?) - DOB 3/4/2013.

Never Winter Marston.
Painted Rock Oxford X Never Winter Lady Baa Baa. Twin Fused 4 Horn (?) – DOB 3/4/2013.




Finally some updated photos!

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Wiggle Hill Elizabeth (1/2 sister to our lovely Carmen) Love her unique hornset and deep black color intensity.

Painted Rock Nellie is such a lovely girl.

Friday and her pretty ewe lamb, Eliza, grazing with the rest of the ewes.

Biue Ewe Lavender is my largest ewe and this single ram lamb is thriving. He’s a big healthy boy! I am hoping he has mom’s hornset.

Never Winter Hot Fudge is owned by Mary Tonkin. She will be leaving us soon and I will miss her. She is a very tame and sweet lamb.

Blue Ewe Fleur will be moving to Painted Rock Farm this month and her daughter, Adele, will replace her in my flock. I am glad that Fleur will have a wonderful breeding home with Cheryl and Mike Terrano.

This lovely ram is Never Winter Berkley. He will be moving to the North Country soon. His horns will rainbow and I think he is going to be a stunning herd sire.

Another of Berkley. He is very difficult to photograph. He does not want to look at me! Frustrating!

Chicory Lane Eli’s Friday and I have become VERY close. We love each other. Haha. I know that sounds funny, but it’s true. We have such a bond. She protects me from my dogs (which is hilarious.) I keep telling her that I am in no danger, but she doesn’t believe me! What a loyal soul she it! It’s THE BEST!

Another of Blue Ewe Lavender and her ram lamb, Cobalt. He is for sale, by the way.

Never Winter Lila will certainly have a home here if she does not find a good breeding home. Her white is brilliant and her black is so true. Fleece quality is the best of this season. Dam is Poppy and sire is Oxford. She should have a lovely wide hornset and is very sweet and docile.   She is for sale.

Isis.  Oh, mighty Isis!  Painted Rock Haven and Blue Ewe Merlin’s Zest produced this pretty ewe last year. She has lovely fleece with very dark color intensity.

Blue Ewe Liberty’s yearling ewe, Sapphire is so regal.

Spirit has been doing an amazing job raising triplets this season! I am certain that I should have weaned her lambs quite some time ago. But, she’s doing really well and so I’ve been too occupied to get the weaning underway. She produces amazing milk quantity and is just a wonderful ewe. She will get a year off, that’s certain. Very much deserved!

Sprinkles followed me to the pasture as usual. Vocal as usual.

Another of Lila. I am hoping to demonstrate the quality of her fleece with some extra photos for you all.


Lila’s fleece.

Sweet St. Jude’s Sophia.

Never Winter Haagen Dazs will stay here. He’s a great combination of lines for me to retain.

Blake’s favorite ewe of all time, Lady Baa Baa! She is annoyingly tame and has even nibbled on my bare leg to get my attention. We adore her, but she is more like a puppy than a sheep! Ha!

Never Winter Buttercup has 6 horns, so spacing is obviously not perfect. However, she is truly beautiful and has one of the nicest fleeces I’ve seen. I am super tempted to keep her (and still may.) But, my numbers are not where I need them, so I hope to find her a great breeding home. For Sale.

This boy has been a favorite of mine since birth! He is lovely in every way. Brazen is a triplet, black and white (lilac carrier) with two lilac siblings. Very long, flowing, crimpy, locky, open fleece that is soft. Ideal markings and lovely horns. For Sale.





Tay-Sachs Carrier Jacob Sheep Breeding Program Benefit Raffle For 2012??? What are your thoughts, friends?

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I thought I’d repost last years raffle details  and raffle items for those who didn’t happen across the raffle last year, and also as a reminder to those who participated.  Many THANKS to those who supported the project.  It was certainly a success and meant a lot to the folks involved with trying to find a cure for these children.

In preparing to jump into this project again, I wanted to send out a TEST for interest.  I want to ask, IS THERE INTEREST in another raffle.  If so, do you have anything you’d love to donate to the raffle?  Will you buy tickets to support this cause?  Do I (Never Winter Farm) have a lamb you would love to see raffled?  Which one?  A ram lamb?  Ewe Lamb?  Let me know?  Any input that you could offer would be extremely helpful as I gear up!!  So, Thanks!

Here are three available lambs that could easily be offered on the raffle:

Buttercup is a six horn lilac ewe. (Kreutzer Farms Spirit X Springrock Shadrach)
Brazen (Spirit X Shadrach) 4 horn black/white triplet
Lila (Blue Ewe Poppy X Painted Rock Oxford) Beautiful presence and you can’t see it, but she has more black on her backside.  Her BLACK is very black.

Pretty please send comments, thoughts, suggestions, donation offers, hopes, and prayers!!   You can scroll down and COMMENT HERE on the blog, or you can privately email me at mikesharikids@yahoo.com.  You are also welcome to phone my cell at 678-596-7776.   Appreciate you all!!!

Shari Staines 6/25/2012  (Post date.)


Continue reading below to see all details from LAST SEASON!  We had some amazing items!



To Purchase Tickets:

1.  Scroll down and order by commenting on this blog post.  Be sure to include your email address, the number of tickets, and which item or items you would like your tickets to go toward.


2.  Email me at mikesharikids@yahoo.com.  Be sure to include the number of tickets and which item or items you would like your tickets to go toward.


3.  Call me at 678-596-7776.  If you do not reach me, feel free to leave a message with how many tickets you would like and for which item/s as well as your email address.  I will see that you get an invoice asap.

*Once you comment here or email me, you will be invoiced for your tickets.  Your invoice will include a breakdown of the number of tickets that you are purchasing for each item.  Your invoice will be a paypal generated invoice and will reach you in your email.  You may pay through paypal, or print the invoice and mail it with a check or money order.

Thank you so much for your support!   Good luck and please spread the word!





RAFFLE ITEM #1 – SHADOW MOUNTAIN ROSETTE – 2011 Lilac Ewe Lamb Donated by Mary Tonkin of Shadow Mountain Jacobs. Rosette comes with a complimentary health certificate and free delivery to Oregon, Washington, or the AGM. Rosette is sired by Mud Ranch Packard and her dam is Rocky Acres Rosemary.  (DOB 1-28-2011.)  More details at SHADOW MOUNTAIN JACOBS.

This beautiful ewe lamb was to be Mary’s keeper lamb this year.  The story of the Tay-Sachs children touched her so much that she decided to donate Rosette to help the cause.  Thank you Mary!

Shadow Mountain Rosette

If you would like to view Rosette’s pedigree, please click on the link below:

Shadow Mountain Rosette Pedigree




RAFFLE ITEM#2 – WEAVING THE RAINBOW BOOK By George Ella Lyon and Stephanie Anderson.

Weaving The Rainbow is a stunningly beautiful book that has been donated by Sharon Lehrke and Sovreign Farms in Myakka City, Florida.  The artwork in this out of print picture book (former library book that is in pristine condition) is nothing short of breathtaking.

Thanks again to Sharon for being willing to “give up” this unique treasure from your own private collection of priceless finds! Visit Sharon at Sovreign Farms.




Elizabeth Strum of Rockhaven Farm has donated this beautiful washable Jacob Sheep Pelt.   Pelts make wonderful decorative items, wheel chair and bed pads, rugs, dog beds, and car seat pads for children and adults alike.  This pelt is approximately 32″ X 22″ and has a lovely spotting pattern.  A pelt of this size retails for somewhere between $90-$150.  This pelt has been professionally tanned and is soft and supple.  (Photos do not do justice to this piece.)  In addition, it is washable and will come with full care instructions.     Thank you Elizabeth!  Visit Elizabeth and her flock at ROCKHAVEN FARM.




Jacob Sheep Yarn 15.2 oz
This is 15.2 ounces of Jacob Wool Yarn.  I had this spun up by Spinderellas and they did a beautiful job!  The tag on this says 270 yards 4 skeins.  It is a lot of yarn!  This wool was harvested from Painted Rock Kingsley.  His fleece is amazingly soft and I think you’ll find this yarn to be remarkably soft as well.
Rich Mountain Retreat

This is amazing!  Cheryl and Mike Terrano of Painted Rock Farm have offered up a weekend at their cabin for our raffle!  Folks, you can drive over to Painted Rock Farm and see the sheep!!!!

The Rich Mountain Retreat is ideal for weekend getaways, honeymooners or anyone wanting a break from the daily grind! Enjoy watching deer and wild turkey as you relax on the 10 foot porch that surrounds the cabin. Nearby hiking and walking trails provide a look into Battlefield history during Civil War times. You can spend the day walking thru camp sites, such as Camp Garrett. Re-enactments of the Battle of Rich Mountain occur each summer ~ ask about details!

The fine print:  (Subject to availability.  Some restrictions may apply.)

Visit Mike and Cheryl Terrano and the fabulous Painted Rock Flock at PAINTED ROCK FARM.







Our next raffle item is a beautiful raw Jacob fleece that has been donated by our wonderful friends and fellow Jacob Sheep breeders Jeff and Mary Margaret Mauer at Deerfield Ranch.  This is Deerfield Evangeline’s hogget fleece (which means this is the fleece from her first shearing.)  Eva’s fleece is lovely.  She has a fine fleece that is soft with a nice lofty feel to it.  Her fleece is mostly white with approx. 5-10% black spots so will be very easy to sort and fabulous to use for a natural colored project or superb for dying.  Thank you to the Mauer Family at Deerfield Ranch!   Fiber enthusiasts….PLEASE spread the word about our raffle!  Send your friends our way!  Please share the link to our blog with your fiber groups!  We need all of the support that we can get.  This is such a great cause!





This is a drop dead gorgeous, and full of vibrant colors, handmade rug by Linda Bjarkman at Patchwork Farm.

Here is what Linda has to say about her beautiful rug:

“Handwoven (by me)
The weft is wool selvedges from Pendleton Mills. Woven on a cotton warp.
This rug measures ~ 27″ x 37″ and is machine washable. “

Thank you so very much to Linda and Dave Bjarkman!  You may visit Linda and Dave and their beautiful Jacob Sheep flock at PATCHWORK FARM.




Just when I thought that it couldn’t possibly get any more exciting folks!!!!!!!   Check this out!!!  Raffle item #9 is a stunning blanket that has been donated by Robin Lynde and Meridian Jacob Sheep.  Read on for more details!!

Robin Lynde, of Meridian Jacobs in Vacaville, California, weaves a variety of unique pieces from the wool her sheep grow.  Robin selects her sheep for top quality, soft fiber and uses only the best for producing her yarns.  She carefully selects and sorts the wool to be sent to the mill for spinning, creating unique yarns from each year’s wool crop.  Robin weaves blankets on a 60″ wide 16-shaft AVL dobby loom.  She wove this blanket using yarns in all the natural colors of the Jacob sheep.  It is 46″ X 67″ plus a 5″ twisted fringe.  Retail Value:  $350.00.

Meridian Jacobs is home to a breeding flock of about 65 Jacob sheep, but it is also a full-service fiber business, stocking spinning and weaving equipment, farm-produced and commercial yarns, Robin’s handwoven pieces, and gift items.  Robin teaches classes in weaving, spinning, and dyeing and hosts Open House events three times per year.  She created the popular Farm Club for people who want to know more about what it takes to raise sheep and produce fiber.  Robin’s pieces are for sale at The Artery in Davis, California and on her website at MERIDIAN JACOBS.

Thank you Robin for the BEAUTIFUL donation!!!





Never Winter Dashing (Painted Rock Moses X Blue Ewe Eire)

Dashing’s Pedigree

NEVER WINTER DASHING!      Dashing is a lilac carrier via his sire Moses.  He has a strong 4 horn background and a 4 horn twin.  Questions welcome via private email or go ahead and comment here.   Transportation to SAFF and health certificate are included.  (G444R -/-).



RAFFLE ITEM #11 – One of a Kind Jacob Sheep Sculpture by Laura Frazier of FarmGirl Arts.  “Elise.”

My very dear friend and fellow Jacob Sheep breeder, Laura Frazier, has done it again!  Laura is an exceptionally talented artist and her work never ceases to amaze me.  Here is what Laura has to say about her sculpture of a special little ewe lamb named Elise:

“This is a portrait of a special Jacob Sheep Lamb, Elise. This sculpture was created out of 100% homegrown wool using the needle felting technique. The core and basic shape were sculpted from Suffolk wool from my father-in-law’s flock. The wool for the exterior details and coloring was provided by my Jacob Sheep ram, Jericho. The process took around 10 or so hours. She is 4″ tall and 4.5″ long. I was honored to create this likeness of Elise for the raffle.”     Visit Laura at FARM GIRL ARTS.

I would like for you all to meet the real Elise lamb!  Here she is:

The Story of Elise, A Very Special Lamb:

Choosing a lamb model for the raffle was quite simple. Elise is a very special ewe and has stood out since the moment her little hooves hit the ground. Her markings are just exceptional, lots of color and splash make it easy to see her in the flock. Her fleece looks very promising, sporting even crimp and deep black color. Elise is just a precious, bubbly little lamb with the cutest nose ever!

This lamb was named in honor of Elise Rochman from O’fallon, Illinois. She is one of many children and families that have been affected by Tay-Sach’s Disease. You can read Elise’s story on the Cure Tay-Sach’s Foundation web site or click here. Sadly, little Elise lost her battle against Tay Sach’s in January of this year. She was barely six years old. Elise’s parents won’t see their little girl play with dolls or go to school for the first time. They won’t have slumber parties or teach her how to drive or see her off to her first prom. They won’t get to see her graduate high school or help plan her wedding. So much promise in that little life, cut short by a disease that currently has no cure. Elise the lamb also is affected by Tay-Sach’s . Her shepherd will not see her grow into the promise of what was envisioned for her either. And, while it pales in comparison to the loss of ‘real’ Elise, it is a loss nonetheless and still felt deeply by her Shepherd.

The main purpose for this fundraiser is to raise awareness of Tay-Sach’s and to provide information about the important role of the Jacob sheep in finding a cure. It is believed by many in the research community that the Jacob sheep may well hold the cure for Tay-Sach’s disease in humans. A handful of shepherds in the US have opted to join hands with the scientific research team in this effort. These brave individuals have looked into the reality of human loss and suffering, knowing they could not stand by and do nothing. They should be commended for this indeed is labor of love ~ a love for children and families. While they may never meet face to face, they are bound together by hope in the search for the cure.

On behalf of Tay-Sach’s children and their families everywhere, Elise the lamb is proud to carry the name and legacy of Elise Rochman.




Gorgeous Quilt By Cheryl Bresin

Cheryl Bresin has been busy creating something very special for this fundraiser.    She finished this beautiful quilt just today!  It was certainly worth the wait and I am thrilled that she was kind enough to donate this true labor of love!  Thank you so very much Cheryl!  It means so much!

This is a queen sized quilt. It  is displayed on a double bed. The batting was professionally milled. It is covered in a cotton blend material and is hand quilted with hand spun Jacob yarn. It will be sent UPS with washing instructions.

You may visit Cheryl and her family as well as her flock of Jacobs by following these links:






Here is how the raffle will work:Tickets will be on sale from now until August 14th  21st at 12:01 AM EST.  So, ticket sales are over at midnight on that previous Saturday night.(August 13th 20th @  Midnight  EST.)  At that time, sales will close and late tickets will be completed and added to the raffle containers for each respective item.  All raffle tickets and containers are being handled off site from my farm by a neutral party and that family is NOT allowed to purchase ANY raffle tickets.  (You will meet them during the drawings.)  Just so that everyone knows….no one in MY immediate family is elligible to purchase raffle tickets.  (I want to keep this 100% legit and fair.)  On Sunday, August 14th  21st , drawings will be held off site and videotaped for YOU ALL to see.  It will be my goal to have the videotape of the drawings uploaded to Youtube on August 15th 22nd (Monday) with the Youtube link published on my farm blog.  This way, everyone who has participated may follow the link and view the drawings and see who the winners are!  Hopefully, it will be YOU!

100% of all ticket sales will go directly to the Tay-Sachs Carrier Jacob Sheep Breeding Program.  If we are blessed enough to raise more money than the breeding program requires at this time, surplus funds will go to the Cure Tay-Sachs Foundation.  Either way, your ticket purchase will go 100% toward helping to find a cure for these children.  Thank you so much for helping!

Ticket Prices Are As Follows:

$2          Each for Single Tickets

$20       Dozen (12) Tickets ( That’s $1.66 per ticket)

$50        35 Tickets                (That’s $1.43 per ticket)

$100      75 Tickets                (That’s $1.33 per ticket)

*You may buy a large volume of tickets for any ONE item.  Or, you may decide to split your tickets on several of the items.  Just be sure to tell us what you’d like for us to do with your tickets.  Folks, even if you can only purchase one ticket, every little bit helps and you have done your part in helping find the cure.  We appreciate every single ticket purchase more than you know.   The more people that participate, the more positive energy that we can create to fuel this cause and push toward the cure!  This is so exciting!!

*Note  –  Shipping via UPS or USPS will be paid for in the continental US by fundraiser proceeds for all items excluding the lambs and weekend getaway.

Canoe Lake Farm – Lambs Available!

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Canoe Lake Skylar

My fellow breeders at Canoe Lake Farm have some lovely lambs for sale!  Here is a link to their lambs page:


*If the link isn’t available, just copy and past the above URL into your web browser and hit enter.

Canoe Lake Winnie

Head over to Cathy and Scott’s website and take a look.  You can email Cathy at cathybro@uga.edu or call (706)338-8052.  (This info. is also available on their site.)   Canoe Lake Farm is located near The University of Georgia.

Eagle Creek Eagle is FOR SALE!!!

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For more information, please comment here (and I’ll get your question in an email) or email me directly at mikesharikids@yahoo.com or call me at 678-596-7776.


Note – the farm website has been updated.  New lamb photos!!  Please visit http://www.neverwinterfarm.com.

The Farm Website Has Updated Lamb Photos!

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This is Never winter Jemima, our final lamb of the season.  She is out of Poppy by Oxford.  More details about Jemima and her twin, Baltazar, are on the lamb page at www.neverwinterfarm.com.  I hope you enjoy watching these lambs grow as much as I do!

FOR SALE – Never Winter Blueprint

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Blueprint is a yearling lilac ram with two wide horns, blue eyes, lovely markings and stunning fleece.

Kruetzer Farms Spirit X Springrock Shadrach.

More details on the farm website.  Thanks for checking him out!

Visit our Website for Photos of Lambs!! We are updated! Finally!

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Kruetzer Farms Spirit and her Triplets


Please go to www.neverwinterfarm.com to see the 2012 lamb arrivals.  Most will be for sale once we’ve had a chance to evaluate them for a bit.  Thanks for visiting!


Breeding Group – Painted Rock Moses

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Moses with St. Jude's Sophia and Blue Ewe Lavender

Chicory Lane Eli's Friday - Bred to Jefferson, but with Moses as a back up.


Painted Rock Nellie



Never Winter Parfait, Lavender, and Sophia