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SAFF Purchases . . .

Posted in Miscellaneous, SAFF on October 26, 2010 by neverwinterfarm

When Blake and I visited Elizabeth Strum a couple of weeks ago at her farm in Carlton, GA, we got to get our “hands on” some very nice Jacob pelts that she had draped over the back of her easy chair.  We REALLY liked them.  So, when I ran into this one that Cathy Robinson had for sale at the Perfect Spot/Patchwork booth, I had to bring it back for the kids (particularly Blake who was really bummed to be missing out in the first place.)  It now has a home on our piano bench in the great room.

My other SAFF (products) purchase was several ounces of alpaca roving from Harmony Wools Alpacas in Sweetwater, TN.  A dark chocolate alpaca fiber with a small amount of blended turquoise silk that was so heavenly I couldn’t pass it up.  I’ve never spun alpaca, but Jennifer gave me a quick demonstration and I think I can manage it.  It will be fun to try something different.

Since our return from SAFF, we’ve had rain here.  I’ll need to wait on sunshine to take photos of my other SAFF acquisitions.  (The new sheep.)  Check back soon and have a wonderful day!