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Not a Face Lift, THIS is a Horn Lift!

Posted in First Aid, Jacob Sheep on December 3, 2010 by neverwinterfarm

This is an Outpatient Procedure and was NOT covered by insurance, folks!!   Try this at your own risk as some patients would do best under general anesthesia!  Zest is easy to handle and I had great holding help from my 15 year old son, Wade.  Left-over horse bandaging supplies from the Equine First Aid Kit served me well.

I gooped Furazone onto a 3 X 8 inch Telfa non-adherent sterile gauze dressing pad.  I wrapped that around the base of the horn.  I then took a Large Antimicrobial Stretched cotton gauze roll (the entire roll) and placed it horizontally in the space underneath the horn against his face.  While holding that in place, I wrapped vet-wrap all around and figure eighted it several times securing it to the vertical horn on that side.  (I had to exercise self control at this point because I LOVE vet-wrap and it was tempting to wrap ALL of his horns just for FUN!)  Then, for an extra measure of security, I used a bit of medical tape over the ends of the vet wrap.

Zest was then released.  I stood back and wondered if I may have caused the horn to press UP a bit too high.  At the same time, I would imagine I needed to cause some pressure in order to keep it secure to the original position.  I sure hope that in this case I am helping and not hindering the healing process.   My fingers are crossed.  I did the best that I could and now time will tell.

Here are some fairly recent BEFORE photos:

He sure is a ham.