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Understanding Tay-Sachs in humans provides genetics education and a powerful understanding for Jacob Sheep Breeders and owners.

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Knowledge Is Power . . .

Those of you who continue to follow my posts relating to Tay-Sachs Disease in people, understand (or are beginning to understand,) how researching this recessive genetic mutation in humans can educate us as shepherds.  Tay-Sachs disease is not a contagious disease.  It can only occur when we breed a carrier ewe to a carrier ram.  The carrier sheep are not sick or affected and they live completely normal lives in every single way. In educating ourselves as shepherds about this genetic process in human beings, we begin to understand and we remove any fear of the unknown and empower ourselves to easily and completely avoid the possibility of experiencing affected offspring in our sheep. If you are interested in educating yourself more, please go to the following link:

This Nova program can also be ordered in DVD format here:

Another Breeding Couple. . . Perfect Spot Norway X Springrock Mona Lisa . . .

Posted in Breeding pairs, Jacob Sheep, Lambs on November 24, 2010 by neverwinterfarm

Here’s a recent look at Norway and Mona Lisa.  Both are 2010 lambs and both are new additions for us.  To me, this is one of my most exciting pair-ups of the season.  I am hoping this breeding “took.”  Mona Lisa is a very large ewe lamb and I feel fairly confident that this breeding was successful from what I saw.  (Wink wink.) 

I think that in terms of markings, these two compliment each other very nicely.  Also, their “types” are a nice combination (with Norway being more primitive.)  Both have lovely fleece with Mona Lisa bringing a truly outstanding staple length.   I have VERY high hopes for their lamb together.    She’s due in Mid-April.  Finger’s crossed.