The Farm Website Has Updated Lamb Photos!

This is Never winter Jemima, our final lamb of the season.  She is out of Poppy by Oxford.  More details about Jemima and her twin, Baltazar, are on the lamb page at  I hope you enjoy watching these lambs grow as much as I do!

4 Responses to “The Farm Website Has Updated Lamb Photos!”

  1. Very nice crop!
    I’m wondering about your choice to wether Tobuscus. To my eye he’s quite the looker, but I must be missing something. And tell me about his name.

  2. Laura, He is really nice, but his horns are not far enough apart and were already fusing with lobster claw ends. I did him a favor by stopping the horn growth.

    The boys watch a web-series that is a cartoon where the brothers are Toby Uscus and Gabe Uscus. Toby gets called Tobuscus and Gabe always yells at his brother to use a pause between Gabe and Uscus, because it comes out GayBuscus!!! It’s just a doofus webseries. Anyway, it seemed a great name for the wether. Hahaha. Better than GayBuscus!

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