I just cannot seem to capture Blue Ewe Lavender’s beauty in a photo.   A typical photo of her looks about like this one.

She is a very cooperative girl that loves me and loves the camera.  She has a silly personality and will stand and pose for eternity.  However, I just can’t seem to capture her true looks.

This afternoon, she seemed to be saying, “How’s this pose?  How about this? ” as I took shot after shot.

Can you see the blue “twinkle” in her eye?  She has this in both eyes. 

Here she is showing off her lovely horn sweep.  (Actually, she was being silly again.   She is very friendly and loves to hang out with me.)

Kisses for the camera.

She’s a big girl that is nicely put together.   (In this photo, she is standing with one of my smaller adult ewes, Margaret.)

Lavender is bred to Painted Rock Moses (on right.) 

I still don’t know that I have been able to adequately capture Lavender.  I sure gave it my best try.  As pretty as she is, she is not the most photogenic in the group and I am not the best photographer in the world.   

She is certainly one of my very favorites and I will be looking forward to welcoming her lamb (or lambs) soon and taking even more photos.


10 Responses to “Lavender”

  1. She looks quite nice in your pictures. She’s got the sort of hornset that gets me to considering two horned sheep. If only they could all be as nice a Lavender 🙂

  2. Lavender is beautiful! I love the horn sweep, very nice. Hopefully she passes that along. She was one that caught my eye on Blue Ewe’s website but was already sold… Glad to see she is with you! 😀

    • Thanks Joan! She was one that Sally (Blue Ewe) had always planned to keep so I was really pleased to have the opportunity to add her. I really am excited to see her lambs. She has been easy to tame as she is VERY interested in food. (Kinda like me.)

  3. Love her horns 🙂 Your pictures of her are very nice.

  4. What kind of camera did you get? New lambs are all doing good! Can’t wait for the rest 😉

    • It’s a canon dos digital. I’m not too good at studying manuals and that makes it more difficult as I go through the trial and error process. I LOVE it though and mostly it is making even ME look like I sorta know what I am doing. I’m treating Albus’s dam for toxemia and hypocalcemia! It has been a rough week for her. Wondering if she has triplets and thus the extra problems with the pregnancy.

  5. I don’t really like manuals either. Trial and error works 😉 Sorry to hear about Freedom. How is she doing now? How much longer does she have until she lambs?

    • Shannon, she has three weeks left! She’s hanging in there, but I am having a difficult time sustaining calcium levels. Appears that she is one that probably NEVER ate loose mineral (and I didn’t realize it.) I hate being on the backside of a condition like this. So frustrating really. Thanks for the well wishes. She is a bit improved today, so I am hopeful. Long haul ahead, however.

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